Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Sim Update 3 Is Out Now: Patch Notes


Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Sim Update 3 Is Out Now: Patch Notes

The expansive flight sim just got a touch more realistic.

MSFS World Update 10 – USA (again!) | New Cities, Fixes, Bush Trips & Airports

World Update 10 was rolled out today without any major annoucements and its location was kept a secret until release. Of course now, well all know that it is a 2nd update for the USA, the first one being World Update 2. This update adds more details to the USA including 12 new photogrammetry cities and 4 new airports as well as new bush trials and landing challenges etc. Would love to hear down below in the comments if you’d have preferred a different area of the world to be updated.

MSFS Version

Microsoft Flight Simulator – BEFORE and AFTER – City Update 1 Comparison

City Update 1 for Microsoft Flight Simulator overhauled 5 cities with photogrammetry data. Here, you can find a before and after comparison for all five cities. It seems likely that city updates will be a regular thing in the future.

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