Transformers Prime: The Game


Transformers Prime: The Game

Transformers Prime is an action-packed adventure to save the Earth from the evil Megatron and his new secret weapon.

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Transformers Prime – The Game (2012) DS vs 3DS vs Wii vs Wii U [Which One is better?]

�� Transformers: Prime – The Game is a brawler video game based on the Transformers: Prime animated series, itself based on the Transformers franchise. It was developed by Now Production, published by Activison

�� Platforms: Wii U, Wii, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS

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Official Wii U Debut Trailer -Transformers Prime The Game

Nintendo Wii U Available November 18, 2012

Help Optimus Prime and the AUTOBOTS join forces with human friends Jack, Miko and Raf to save the Earth from Megatron and his new secret weapon. Play as one of your favorite AUTOBOT characters including BUMBLEBEE and BULKHEAD as you battle through unique vistas around the world to help defeat the DECEPTICONS.