Ultimate Gay Fighter dev — "It’s not meant to be hateful"


Ultimate Gay Fighter dev — "It’s not meant to be hateful"

Creator Michael Patrick says, "If you allow yourself to make fun of a stereotype in a way that isn’t cruel, I think you diminish the power of that stereotype."

homo-genius: a history of gay inventors: volume 74

never give up

Nate Diaz – “If you’re gay you’re gay”

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UFC Fighters Being Sus For 3 minutes..

This video is UFC Fighters being ‘sus’. I edited this 3 minute video and added comedic elements to the video with a range of different UFC Fighters.

This was fun to make 😉

Hey Guys, my name is MMA BEAST and I am an MMA NEWS/Comedy Channel that likes edit videos and bring humor to Mixed Martial Arts. I edit clips and help to bring out the funny elements in MMA with all the different situations that occur. Embark on a journey through time and pixels with wrestlemania game online. From the iconic Genesis era to modern hits, experience the evolution of gaming excellence right from your browser.

I use editing programs to swap swap heads, change backgrounds and overlay images to create a funny storyline.

All of my videos are created with one purpose in mind. To make you smile. I have a huge passion for Mixed Martial Arts and have a lot of fun making these videos!

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